35mm Negatives Scanning Service

6,000 DPI Resolution

500,000 : 1 dynamic range

Priced comparable to competitors' 2,400 resolution price

Made in the USA

Only available from DpsDave

Worried About Shipping?  We Can Help!

Choose Our Prepaid  Shipping Box At Checkout.   Reduce The Chance Of Loss To Less Than that of Getting Struck By Lighting!

UPS Secure Shipping was developed to compete with the armored truck business to transport extremely high value packages.  Your memories are just as valuable, so let us take care of them for you.  


SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money.
PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.

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