3 Reasons to Invest in Photo Services

slidesDid you know that since the first photograph was taken 186 years ago, there have been nearly 3.5 trillion more taken? We are constantly using photography to capture moments that are important to us, things like weddings, birthdays, concerts, and more. What’s strange, though, is that many aren’t doing what they need to to ensure those photos stay safe.

Fortunately, photo services can help. Here’s what you should know.

Obsolete Technology
Many people are still holding onto photographs in dated formats, such as slides.
The problem with this is that soon, the technology will be obsolete. Nobody will have or be able to find the right equipment to view the slides. Rather than let that happen and try to reformat those photos after the fact, you can use a slide to digital service to preserve them.

About one in four of poll participants said that their family photos are the most important documents to them, beating out Social Security Cards and birth certificates. Yet, many people don’t have a way to organize the thousands upon thousands of pictures they take each year. Many more aren’t even taking the appropriate steps needed to back up their data. Consequently, people can lose photographs of cherished memories easily. Photo services can help you organize all of the photos in your library to make it easier to not only find what you’re looking for, but hold on to it, too.

Passing Photos Down
About 52% of 250 surveyed parents said that they had not done anything with their photos and videos of their kids in order to pass them down. This could create a generation of kids who don’t have access to their childhood photos, and won’t have anything to pass down. One of the best things you can do with your photos is to make sure that they’re organized and backed up in digital albums. You should also consider investing in old photo restoration services, such as fade restoration, for older pictures of grandparents and earlier family members.

Are you considering any photo services? Which ones do you think you need the most?