3 Common Features That Can Be Fixed With Photo Restoration

photo restoration

If you love to document your family memories or look back on previous generations through the use of photographs, you may face the reality of having damaged photos. You might think that these images are lost forever, but the truth is that they can be revived — sometimes better than the original — with the use of professional photo restoration. Whether you have a decades-old portrait that has years of wear and tear, or a newer image that didn’t come out quite to your liking, restoring old photos can be a great way to preserve your past and make your memories seem like they happened just yesterday. Here are three common features that can be easily fixed through photo restoration:

  • Rips, tears, and folds
    Photographs become increasingly fragile as they age, so whether they were kept in albums, frames, or wallets, it’s common to see older photos with tears or deep folds. Even photos that were completely ripped in two can be fully restored through modern methods like photo digitizing.
  • Water and sun damage
    If your photos were kept in a humid environment (like a basement) or were exposed to too might light, the result can be large marks that obscure the entire image. Fade restoration is fairly common, but more intensive methods may be required for restoring photos that have retained expansive damage. Whether the marks are a result of water, mold, light, or fire, images can often be fully repaired to their original state.
  • Visual enhancements
    In addition to damage, photos can be restored and enhanced to fix almost anything; whether you’d like an image to be sharper or your teeth to appear whiter, most types of fixes are possible. Digital photo services allow you to add color to black and white images, add or remove people or backgrounds, or make small adjustments and touch-ups.

If you haven’t taken steps to preserve your photos, you certainly aren’t alone. More than 52% of parents say that they haven’t done anything to protect their photos and videos of their children, and that’s even more common among previous generations. But whether you’re an avid shutterbug or have possession of your grandparents’ photo albums, there are endless possibilities for preservation and restoration of your images. Contact us today to find out about our superior photo restoring services.