3 Benefits of Using a Photo Digitizing Service to Preserve Your Memories

transition from photographic print

For most families, documenting memories — from little moments to big milestones — is a highly valued practice. In fact, nearly one in four Americans say that family photos are among their most treasured and significant pieces of cataloged information, ranked above birth certificates and Social Security cards.

Family photographs allow us to hold on to cherished memories and reflect on how far we’ve come. Unfortunately, film does not last forever, and these memories can often be lost if steps aren’t taken to preserve these important pieces of family history. If you’re wondering why you should opt to digitize photo albums, here are three good reasons why you should make the transition from photographic print to digital:

  1. Saves space
    The majority of families would have trouble fitting all of their photographs in just one photo album. In fact, most of us have several albums ourselves, with still others that have been passed down from previous generations. These bulky albums take up a lot of room, and whether you’re a growing family or are looking to downsize, that room can often be put to better use. Photo digitization allows you to store all of your photographs on formats — like DVDs, an external hard drive, or in an online database — that take up little to no space in your home.
  2. Easily accessible from anywhere
    If you’re visiting extended family, attending a reunion, or are moving to a new place, packing and lugging around heavy photo albums can be a real hindrance. But when you store your photos in an online database or on lightweight DVDs, you can easily look at your digital photos and slides from almost any location. If you have a smartphone, a laptop computer, or access to a DVD player, you’ll be able to relive your memories whenever you want!
  3. Long-term preservation and restoration
    Film and photo slides can easily be destroyed by time, light, and environmental conditions, and when you don’t have a digital copy, those memories can be lost forever. Luckily, you can use a digital photo company like DPS Dave for both preserving and restoring photos. Whether you have recent family portraits or need fade restoration for your grandparent’s treasured vacation slides, making the transition from photographic print to digital copy will help keep those memories alive. Restoring old photos can make them look as good as new, and when you preserve your photos, you can be assured that neither your memories nor your images will ever fade away.

The process of digitizing your photos on your own can be incredibly time-consuming and confusing, but enlisting the help of a photo digitizing service to carry out the transition from photographic print to digital image will allow you to appreciate your pictures for years to come — and will let you have ample time to create new memories with your loved ones.

If you need help digitizing old photos or photographic slides, contact DPS Dave ASAP!