12 of Life’s Most Photogenic Moments

scanning your photographsYour children have provided you with countless moments of laughter, tears, joy, and pretty much every other emotion someone can experience. There really is nothing like raising children. Watching them grow up into (somewhat) responsible adults gives the parents a satisfying feeling of pride and accomplishment unlike anything else.

It’s important to capture the big moments of your children’s lives as they grow so you can one day share these memories with them and possibly their children. Luckily, digital photo services make this possible. Even the old photos you have lying around the house can be digitally stored using old photo restoration services. Scanning your photographs of your children’s milestones into a digital photo album can be a great project for any loving parent.

In a survey of 250 parents, 52% of them admit to doing nothing to preserve the tons of photos and videos of their children for the future. Approximately 47% of parents have not even thought about what they’re going to do with their children’s photographic memories. That’s why scanning your photographs is so important. You and your entire family can relive these moments over and over again by looking through a digital photo album.

There have been more than 3.5 trillion photos that have been taken since the advent of photography, and there is a pretty good chance that a large percentage of that number is family milestones. Here are some of life’s most photogenic moments:

  1. Wedding — Although there will be professional photographers at your children’s weddings, having your own personal collection of one of the happiest days of their lives is well worth it.
  2. Graduation — Nothing can make a parent prouder. Whether it’s graduating from kindergarten, high school, or college, these are important milestones that should be cherished forever.
  3. First Day of School — It’s difficult to find a cuter photo than a child’s first day of school. With their big smile on their face and their giant colorful backpack, this is the happiest they will feel about school for nearly two decades.
  4. Passed Road Test — It could take a few times, but once they passed their road test, the monumentous occasion makes for a great photo. It might be a photo of them holding their license or a shot of the terrified look on your face after realizing that they can drive now.
  5. Prom — Second only to your child’s wedding day, prom is a huge moment in a parent’s life. It’s a pretty big moment for the children, too. Realistically, anytime they are wearing a nice dress or fancy suit should require photographic evidence.
  6. Birthday Milestones — The big ones are essential: one, five, 10, 16, 18, etc. But pretty much any moment from any birthday can be a great photographic moment. There is always the potential for cake to be smeared all over their face — make sure to snap a pic.
  7. First Day of Work — This might embarrass them, but you just can’t help it. Whether they’re taking your order at a restaurant for the first time, cashing someone out at a grocery store, or doing any other sort of work for the first time, realize it’s a huge moment in their lives and take a photo.
  8. Family Vacations — Some of the most fun times for a family happen while vacationing. Document everythingwith photos.
  9. Engagement — It might be difficult to make this happen, but if you can, it’s a wonderful moment to capture.
  10. Newborns (Yours and Theirs) — Scanning your photographs of your children when they were babies and keeping them in a digital album with your newborn grandchildren makes for a great and adorable digital photo album.
  11. First Car — Document their excitement as they sit in their first car for the first time.
  12. Any Embarrassing Mishaps — Because you might need to hold embarrassing moments over their heads somewhere down the road. Scanning your photographs of your kids doing funny, strange, and embarrassing things can provide great laughs for the entire family.

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